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Arthur's Pizzeria & Pub

220 Galle Road Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka 10370

011 2 713745

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Arthur's Pizzeria & Pub

Arthur's story is simple. Arthur’s opened their doors, after realizing that there was a need for a decent place to grab a slice of homemade pizza and enjoy a drink in Mount. On this notion, Arthur’s was born after a great deal of kitchen experiments.

What makes Arthur’s Pizzeria special is that they make artisan thin crust pizzas topped with local flavors. Arthur’s proud innovation ‘Chicken Nai Miris’ - a tantalizing bundle of joy wrapped in a fiery pain- is now followed by many kitchens. In addition to the Sri Lankanized pizzas, Arthur’s offers the regular range as well. Their ingenious range of starters and appetizers will also make you ravenously hungry.

The other good thing about Arthur’s is that it has its own pub. They serve a wide array of beer and ciders, a selection of vintage and trendy cocktails and distilled beverages. For non alcoholic consumers a range of mocktails and juices are available.

Their cozy and homely surroundings make it the ideal spot to chill with friends and family while listening to some lounge music and to watch your favorite sport.

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