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2, Sulaiman Terrace, (Off Jawatta Road), Havelock Town, Sri Lanka, Colombo, 00500, Sri Lanka



PRAWNS for Every MoodPRAWNS for Every TastePRAWNS for Everybody

ISSO reintroduces prawns as an easily available freshly made fast-food option in a price bracket that’s affordable to a majority.

You don't live on an island without developing an appreciation for seafood; Least of all a tasty delicacy such as Prawns (called IS-SO in Sinhalese).

However, prawns are a commodity that gets less attention than it deserves due to a complicated preparation process you don't ever have to think about, anymore.

Visit ISSO and join the #issopisso bandwagon Monday-Sunday and Treat yo self to it's ever expanding menu of treats, fresh prawns and it's amazing ISSO waday available daily.

More updates coming soon!

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