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rare at Residence

No 20 Park Street, Colombo, 02000, Sri Lanka



Inspired by flavours of Sri Lanka, RARE at the Residence is a creative take on modern International cuisine with an emphasis on Sri Lankan ingredients.

Our name reflects the powerful connection between the unequaled collection of ingredients in our country that’s at the heart of our restaurant and exceptional skill of our F& B and Culinary teams to capture the true essence of natures textures and tastes.

rare builds on the award-winning approach developed by all UGA Escapes properties since 2012. For our Chefs and their teams, instinct, insight and invention are what matters. While many of the ingredients for rare come direct from our own organic farms in the East Coast and Cultural Triangle, others are sourced from carefully chosen suppliers across Sri Lanka. What they all have in common is a commitment to supplying ingredients in their prime, giving us the freedom to create food that’s inventive, exciting and spontaneous – and exclusive.

These exceptional ingredients are combined with sensitivity, wit and ingenuity, often revealing unexpected new dimensions. At rare, flavour is king, and change is a cherished constant. Our menu is regularly reimagined, and as each new ingredient arrives, the Chef's accepts the challenge and explores the opportunities with trademark creativity and technical skill.

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